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Thurs 26 May….Aaron’s 23rd birthday today


FIRSTLY AND MOST IMPORTANTLY…HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY to Aaron TODAY…I CAN’T believe you can be that age,

Aaron..simply ,,,happy!

Aaron..simply ,,,happy!

It wasn’t long ago you were this little and it’s flown by so fast….we hope you have a lovely day and LOVE YOU LOADS xxx

Well after my fall we decided to rest my ankles today. Dave went to the supermarket and bank and we have just been catching up with internet, books and itinerary.

Really needed today and feel better for it…..

We are hoping to go to Roman Forum tomorrow..god willing…then all the things we really wanted to see will be done and then rest of holiday can be more gentle days.

I dont think I’m going to be able to do the steps at the Catacombs since falling but you never know.

Im hoping I might but not the end of the world if I can’t, lovely being in Italy.

Night night for now…pics to follow when Wi-Fi lets me! Dave’s got app so streaming tv at least as the tv here didn’t have any channels..not that we watch much tv anyway…got great book on the go….

Wed 25 May…rehab day


After my Falk yesterday,i woke up relieved that although my knee swollen, asked swollen and ache all over …luckily my back is bearable 27th painkillers and so Denise to go fur a wander do ad but to seize up.

I ended up suggesting getting on bus to Pantheon for lunch and so we had gentle wander to our favorite restaurant where we had fantastic meal. Dave couldn’t decide on one dessert so had two!!!

Dave bought some coffee from Romes strongest coffee shop and we saw his coffee machine in there too! Smells divine..

We then got bus back to apartment and rested my swollen feet. Both fell asleep 😴

Tues 24 May….oops day..


We got up and out on bus, tour around the city. Got slightly lost but then jumped on another bus and were fine.

Visited Sant’Angelo Castel which was a beautiful building,i didn’t get to the last four but got up high. The views are amazing.WHEN I CAN PHOTOS TO UPLOAD I WILL ADD PICTURES.

We then wandered over to Pizza Navona, whet everything was fine until my right foot rolled and I went flat on the middle of the crossing. MORTIFIED and getting up I fled at speed to hide and try not to cry.

I hurt my feet, knee, back but eventually (trying to keep weight on ankle and keep mobile) we wandered to Campo de Fiori and had lunch. Ok food but miserable staff. Trying to keep going and keep back mobile we then strolled slowly to Trevi Fountain and got a gelato from famous Valentino’s…..ABSOLUTELY delicious.

Wandered up top Metro and came home, lots of cold creams, painkillers and resting.

Annoyed at self but can’t do anything about it, I was actually looking at ground when we crossed but must have just lost footing on edge of cobble.

Mon 23 May “Our Wedding Anniversary” & Pompeii


Happy anniversary to my lovely husband, our 8th but our second anniversary in Italy!

We have been to Pompeii today. We didn’t go on a trip instead did our own train tickets, etc and then not tired to groups etc.

It was on much higher ground than we both thought, but it was worth the initial climb. The site is huge and so confusing. Typically Italian in the way of no signage but it was incredible to see and to experience.

Very moving seeing the casts and the clay status, pots etc.

We were both amazes st how bear Mount Vesuvius is. On the maps it looks so far away. It is stunning scenery and I am so happy to have experienced it.

I was unable to do one of the amphitheatres as my back wouldn’t take the slope, BUT I did everything else, albeit in a show and steady, very steady way.

We managed to get seats on the train to Naples, extremely lucky and then headed off for dinner until our express train back to the station. The staff were miserable very english waiting service!

We waited for our train.i find a seat and had a matter to two Italian chaps, nice to be able to understand and respond enough to understand each other.

Then train back to Rome just two hours and both collapsed into bed, exhausted when got home. Very, very tiring day with early start and late return. But worth ever tiring step.

Sun 22 May


Today we hopped on the bus, just a minute from our apartment and got off at The Colosseum. It is such a beautiful structure and you can’t help but be spell bound by it. We had a gentle wander to my favorite building in Rome; Capitoline Museum. Had I realised about the steps I would have been doubtful I could get to the top but I DID!! What a view over the city…..

Then we wandered over towards The favorite place in Rome. We find a great restaurant where we sat for a couple of hours people watching. Beautiful food, we then hopped back on the bus to the termini and metro to our apartment, via supermarket.

Booked tickets for Pompeii..2 hr express train to Naples, then 45 min to Pompeii.

Sat 21 May


We have arrived in sunny Italia…..

Surprisingly excellent Easyjet service, flight and pilot was great. Lovely long legroom seats and speedy check in and boarding…lovely….

Arrived at apartment which is great but a bit Fawlty Towers, things are all broken loose or missing but bed is comfy and that’s the main issue with our bad backs and have coffee maker (even if handle is missing)…lol….

Unpack and sort for tomorrow, buy tickets etc..

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